Thursday, 23 June 2016

Ligature Resistant TV Enclosure By ProEnc - The Ultimate Hospital TV Solution.

Ligature Resistant Products.

These are designed for use in environments that are high risk, the people in these areas are considered to be high risk in self-harming themselves. A ligature resistant TV enclosure is usually bolted to the wall and very secure and can take a lot of weight, this is why people try to forma ligature around the housing with material etc., in order to self-harm.

Our protective housing prevents this and with being made from steel is extremely strong and robust. It also protects the TV, so it cannot be damaged and then used a weapon to harm themselves or other patients.

Mental health and caring for these people is one of our main duties as a community, failing them is not an option, they need to be protected and cared for whilst they are in the fragile mindset they are currently in.

ProEnc’s ligature resistant tv enclosures can be seen in the links below.

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Ligature Reistant TV Enclosure - ProEnc.